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Department of Corrections - Eddie Warrior Correctional Center

Location: Taft, Oklahoma
Mailing address: P.O. Box 315, Taft, OK 74463-0315
Funding: $13,000 primary, not available as secondary
Time on site: 24 hrs. primary
Contact person/Primary on-site supervisor(s): Terry Vinsant, Ph.D., Staff Psychologist

Eddie Warrior Correctional Center (EWCC) is a minimum security facility which is located in Taft, OK, approximately ten minutes from the larger city of Muskogee and 45 minutes from Tulsa. EWCC is the largest minimum security facility for women in Oklahoma, housing a population of approximately 720. Included in this population is a boot camp style regimented treatment program for first time non-violent female offenders.

The psychology intern at EWCC will have opportunities to participate in the full array of services provided to the inmate population. The intern's experience will include in-depth training and supervision regarding a variety of issues presented within correctional settings. In addition to the full spectrum of Axis I and II disorders, offenders often present with substance abuse and dependence issues that complicate diagnosis, adjustment, and treatment. Inmates' social functioning, relationship skills, and emotional stability are also indicated as frequent assessment and intervention needs, as confinement often exacerbates existing psychological disturbances. Interns will have ample opportunity to work with patients in acute crisis and with chronically mentally ill offenders. Differential diagnostic skills and abilities to plan and implement effective interventions for inmates with multiple Axis I and II diagnoses will be emphasized.

The intern's primary duties will include psychological evaluations and psychotherapy. Psychological evaluations are conducted to address numerous facility and patient needs, including evaluations in segregated housing. Psychotherapy services are provided both in individual and group formats. Individual therapies tend to be brief and solution-oriented, although more chronically mentally ill patients and individuals receiving psychotropic medication are seen regularly throughout their incarceration. Current group therapies focus on anger management, stress management, managing emotions, and grief. Opportunities exist to develop additional group interventions if interns have specialty areas of interest.

Secondary duties of the intern will consist of consultations with corrections staff, including security personnel, the warden and deputy wardens, unit managers, and medical personnel. Interns will also provide regular feedback to the facility's psychiatrist and assist with determining effective intervention strategies. Interns will also consult with staff regarding disciplinary procedures.

Tertiary responsibilities of the intern will include assisting with and/or providing in-service training to staff on issues ranging from suicide intervention/prevention techniques to recognizing symptoms of serious mental illness.

To learn more about EWCC, go to www.doc.state.ok.us

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