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Laureate Psychiatric Clinic & Hospital / The University of Tulsa Counseling & Psychological Services Center

This position provides the intern 24 hours per week of inpatient experience at Laureate and 12 hours per week of outpatient experience at the University of Tulsa. The remaining four hours are spent in didactic training and group supervision.

Laureate Psychiatric Clinic & Hospital

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Mailing address: 6655 S Yale Ave, Tulsa, OK 74136
Funding: $15,000 - $16,000 primary rotation (24 hrs. - paired with TU)
Time on site: 24 hrs. primary rotation-Adult Behavioral Health Unit
Primary on-site supervisor(s): Janet Adams-Westcott, Ph.D.
Contact person: Janet Adams-Westcott, Ph.D.

Laureate Psychiatric Clinic and Hospital is a private, not-for-profit psychiatric facility that is affiliated with the Saint Francis Health System. The Saint Francis Health System also includes two medical-surgical hospitals and primary care and specialty physician practices. Laureate provides mental health treatment services for children, adolescents, adults, and seniors across the full continuum of care. Substance abuse treatment is provided for adults.

The hospital includes 75 beds for people who need inpatient, residential, or partial hospital levels of care. Over 7000 visits are provided each month for people who need intensive outpatient or traditional outpatient services. Our Eating Disorders Program is nationally recognized as a center of excellence for the treatment of these disorders. Laureate is also actively involved in research and professional training. The Laureate Institute for Brain Research has a team of scientists who are conducting neuroimaging studies using state-of-the-art techniques. Laureate’s professional staff is multi-disciplinary and includes psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed therapists (LCSW, LPC, LMFT), and independent practice nurses (PA, NP, CNS).

Laureate provides one primary rotation position at the Adult Behavioral Health Unit (24 hours each week) paired with a secondary rotation (12 hours each week) at the University of Tulsa. The Adult Behavioral Health Unit provides acute and partial hospital services to adults, ages 18 to 55, requiring medical supervision for mental health issues. The primary reasons for admission include danger to self or others, medication stabilization, and detoxification. The intern works with a multi-disciplinary team that includes psychiatrists, psychiatry residents, nurses, master’s trained mental health professionals, drug and alcohol counselors, and activity therapists. The Adult Behavioral Health Unit serves as a primary training site for psychiatry residents affiliated with the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center at Tulsa.

The responsibilities of the intern include completing psychosocial assessments, developing treatment plans, providing individual and family therapy, facilitating psychotherapy groups, and providing case management services. The intern also provides psychological testing services for purposes of differential diagnosis, determining current cognitive functioning, and ruling out malingering. Every year, the intern is asked to complete a consultation/program development project with the goal of enhancing services provided on the Unit. Previous projects have included developing CBT based curricula for use in psychoeducational and psychotherapy groups; providing training to direct care, nursing, and case management staff; and developing a multi-family group to assist family members who have a loved one receiving care.

Interns are invited to participate in Laureate’s staff development and continuing education programs. These programs include all day workshops, intensive training seminars, and monthly case conferences.

To learn more about Laureate Psychiatric Clinic and Hospital, go to www.laureate.com

The University of Tulsa
Counseling & Psychological Services Center

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Mailing address: University of Tulsa, Alexander Health Center, 800 S. Tucker Drive, Tulsa, OK 74104
Funding: $5,000 secondary, not available as primary
Time on site: 12 hrs. secondary
Primary on-site supervisor(s): Tom Brian, Ed.D.; Michael McClendon, Psy.D.
Contact person: Tom Brian, Ed.D., Director

The University of Tulsa (TU) is Oklahoma's oldest independent university, located four miles from downtown Tulsa. TU offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in a variety of areas. Student enrollment consists of approximately 3,473 undergraduate students and 1,209 graduate students and law students.

TU's Counseling and Psychological Services Center is located in the Alexander Student Health Building along with student medical services where there is potential for integrated psychological-medical care including consultation and referral with physicians and nurses. Medical services provide routine and acute non-emergency medical services to students and faculty of TU. Counseling & Psychological Services offers a broad range of professional services to all students, faculty, staff, and employee's immediate families. The twofold mission of the counseling center is 1) to provide counseling and psychoeducational services to students, faculty, staff, and university employees' immediate families and 2) to provide doctoral training for graduate students in psychology.

The counseling center staff is trained to help college students adapt to the changes and transitions of college life as well as to help faculty and staff function more effectively in their roles. The staff is sensitive to the unique characteristics of an intelligent, motivated, diverse student body while being committed to the responsible practice of counseling and psychology. In providing services, the staff attends to developmental, environmental, and remedial concerns. They recognize that the stresses associated with a high-pressure, academic environment at a critical developmental period often lead to problems that can be coped with more effectively through psychological counseling. This counseling may be accomplished individually or in a group. The staff is also committed to a preventive approach, realizing the importance of efforts to address areas of potential difficulty before they become problems. Preventive services include offering psychoeducational workshops or classes and consulting about individual situations. Whether working remedially or preventively, the staff's emphasis is on the development of the whole person.

TU's Counseling and Psychological Services Center provides one secondary rotation (12 hours each week) paired with a primary rotation (24 hours each week) at Laureate. The intern has opportunities to participate in all of the services offered that are described below. Training experiences can be tailored to meet the intern's individual training goals and interests. At least one hour of individual supervision is provided to the intern by a licensed psychologist, in addition to opportunities for clinical consultation with other staff clinicians and graduate students in weekly staff meetings.

Counseling/Psychotherapy: Many opportunities for individual therapy and some couples therapy are available. Possibilities for family and group therapy also exist, although are much less frequent. Sessions generally run for about one hour weekly. The number of sessions varies widely, depending on the nature of the issue and the preferences of the client and therapist.

Psychological Assessment: Instruments available include tests of intellect, personality, psychopathology, vocational interest, and interpersonal functioning. Psychological assessment decisions are individualized based on clinical needs of clients.

Psychoeducational Workshops and Programs: The counseling center offers a variety of topical workshops for individuals interested in building personal and academic skills. Assertiveness training, study skills, performance-enhancing imagery, life and career planning, stress management, sexual assault prevention, alcohol and drug issues, self-modification and interpersonal communication skills are some examples.

Consultation: The counseling center provides consultation services to the university community. Students, students' parents or other concerned family, faculty and staff may consult with center staff in regard to situations related to campus life problems. Consultation is often provided individually to address specific situations as they arise; however, programs can also be designed to address larger or recurrent needs of a department, group, or organization. Also, because of the counseling center's close proximity to the campus health services, opportunities are available for consultation with the medical staff about integrating psychological interventions with family medical practice.

Referral: Counseling/psychotherapy at the center is voluntary. If a client's needs might be better met by other resources, he/she is referred, on a voluntary basis, to those resources.

Teaching/Training: Interns may have the limited opportunity to participate in teaching with students in the University's APA-accredited clinical psychology program with staff who are on the clinical faculty. As available and for those interested, opportunities may also exist to provide individual and/or group practicum supervision during the spring semester. Supervision of supervision will be provided by a licensed psychologist at TU CPSC.

To learn more about the University of Tulsa Counseling and Psychological Services Center, go to www.utulsa.edu/cpsc/

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