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Placement Sites

There are currently seven placement sites available at NOPIP, each providing the opportunity to gain sufficient experience to develop skills in the areas of personal interest while ensuring training in a generalist model. These sites provide a myriad of services to a wide variety of individuals. Interns are assigned to either a primary site (36 hours a week), or the combination of a primary rotation (24 hours) and secondary rotation (12 hours) for the entire year. Interns are also provided with four hours of group supervision/didactic training each week. Forty hours per week are typically required.

The internship stipend ranges from $20,000 to $22,000. Health, dental and/or disability benefits vary by site. There are at least ten days of leave at most sites, with professional leave negotiable by site. Additionally, interns have access to library resources at the University of Tulsa and a conference stipend is possible when funds are available. Please refer to the following NOPIP Site Descriptions for specific information on each individual site.

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