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Training Program Model

The programís training model is based on the idea that interns differ in both prior experience and professional goals. The training needs for each intern are considered individually. Both required activities and individualized planning with supervisors are utilized in order to achieve basic competencies and to allow for the pursuit of specific goals. Each internís training is planned, in consultation with site supervisors, to maximize growth and development as a future psychologist during the internship year. This plan should ensure that all required competencies are met.

Training occurs primarily through the performance of clinical functions at the internís site(s). As a consortium, NOPIP offers interns training experiences with diverse populations in a variety of settings. Clinical experience is carefully supervised to ensure a wide variety of opportunities in assessment and intervention activities with increasing complexity throughout the year. Interns receive a minimum of two hours of regularly scheduled, face-to-face individual supervision and two hours of group supervision each week from a licensed psychologist. Additionally, weekly didactic training covering a variety of topics serves to enhance practical experience. Training is designed to promote integration of theory and practice and to address various ethical and professional issues. In addition, interns are encouraged to take advantage of educational opportunities in the community.

The internship program is planned and organized by the Consortium Internship Committee, consisting of representatives from each site, working together under the leadership of the NOPIP Chair. The Internship Chair is a licensed psychologist, as are the primary supervisors at each individual site. The Committee meets at least monthly and communicates frequently to plan and coordinate activities and resources.

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